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Pushing at an Open Door

3rd April, 2017

When our attention span can be as short as eight seconds, capturing consumers’ attention is no easy feat. It doesn’t help that in the world of marketing communications, campaigns have traditionally centred on product news whereby a new product is introduced, or an existing product is updated, with the hope that customers will start purchasing it.

10 spellbinding digital marketing stats from this week

17th March, 2017

What better way to step into spring than with a spellbinding roundup of stats? The roundup includes news about ad fraud, online delivery, and digital ads.

Lack of communication main reason why consumers miss scheduled deliveries

16th March, 2017

A lack of communication from delivery companies is the main reason UK consumers miss scheduled deliveries, with nearly one in four British consumers (23%) saying poor communication has caused them to miss a delivery in the past 12 months, according to new research from Engage Hub.

Survey reveals that banks’ customer support approach is vastly inadequate

16th March, 2017

It is a well-known fact that all, or at least most, bank-related transactions are above the comprehension of the general populace. The cumbersome procedures have added to the general feeling of apprehension among the people…

Why Proximity Beacon Marketing Won’t Survive 2017

15th March, 2017

Throughout the month of January, we had the chance to hear all about the biggest digital marketing trends set to make an impact for the year, and one particular buzzword that kept cropping up was ‘beacons’. With the ability to allow consumers to access the goods and services they want in a quick and easy fashion, beacons have the potential to completely revolutionise individual shopping experiences…

Poor communication from delivery companies causes nearly a quarter of missed deliveries

14th March, 2017

New research reveals that poor communication from delivery companies in the UK results in nearly a quarter of missed deliveries.

Half of UK customers want better communication from banks

28th February, 2017

WPoor customer communication is driving people away from their banks, according to research from Engage Hub. Nearly half of all surveyed banking users said bad communication was their biggest gripe about their provider.

Why communication is key to surviving the deal banking revolution?

14th February, 2017

With significant regulatory changes coming into force over the next couple of years, it is clear that key governing bodies want to intensify competition in the financial services industry. The Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), for example, will completely change banking as we know it.

Customer engagement – are beacons really worth the hype?

8th February, 2017

Despite all the buzz around beacon technology as the new and exciting frontier of customer engagement, are marketing messages and promotions sent as part of a pre-existing transactional conversation still more effective and less intrusive?

Mobile Banking Is More Than Just An App

13th February, 2017

How often do you visit your bank branch? I’m going to guess it’s a lot less frequently than you used to, say, five years ago. And you wouldn’t be alone – figures show that daily visits to branches have fallen by 32% since 2011 and the number of times people visit a branch is set to almost halve by 2020 as more people favour their smartphones to manage their finances.

Opinion: Delivering the best customer experience in the festive frenzy

16th December, 2016

Christmas is a time to shine and be remembered by customers for efficient, great service so how can retailers ensure they really do deliver, asks Simon Brennan, vice president of sales Europe at Engage Hub.


Guest Blog: The View from India: Post-Brexit Business in the UK

7th December, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I travelled out to New Delhi, India as part of a trade delegation visiting the India-UK Tech Summit, along with Prime Minister Theresa May, and the great and the good of the UK’s tech industry