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The future of banking is centred, almost exclusively, around consumers’ mobile devices. Consumers expect to be able to authenticate their identity, open new accounts, take out loans, and deposit checks by photographing them, all from their mobile devices. But this growing expectation for unparalleled mobile connectivity means that banks, credit-card and insurance companies need to select the right technology to look after their growing communication programmes.

Engage Hub has been working with some of the world’s most successful financial institutions to deliver unparalleled cross-channel customer service whilst also streamlining operational efficiencies. Take a closer look at some of our most popular solutions:

Protect your customers with
two-factor authentication

A transaction authentication number (TAN) is issued as a form of a one-time password (OPT) to authorise a payment, this is sent by SMS or a Push Notification to the customers’ mobile phone. When the OTP is delivered by SMS, a call is bridged between the banks call centre and customer’s mobile phone, the customer is instructed by a pre-recorded voice message to enter the TAN into another device.

Gather valuable customer feedback
in real-time

Use real-time events such as account activations and branch visits to send SMS, email, web and pre-recorded voice surveys to customers as a great way of gathering valuable customer feedback. Dive deeper into customer insight and enhance the quality of your data by applying logic that alters the behaviour of your survey in real-time, based on your customers responses.

Self-service card activation
centred on the mobile phone

Use SMS, email or push notifications to automate card activation by issuing a unique access code instead of relying on costly call centre agents. This is a proven way of speeding up card activation and account set-ups.

crisis management

Our Synapse technology can automatically select the communication channel that elicits the quickest response from each customer, ensuring your most important alerts are received and read instantaneously.

fraud detection

Through our range of standardised APIs, Engage Hub receives notifications in real-time that a suspicious transaction has taken place. This notification triggers an automated SMS, email, push notification, voice call or messenger which is instantly sent to your customer, depending on their channel preference or your predefined rules.

Automate payment reminders,
claim management & complaint handling

Speed up the payment collection, claim management and complain handling process while reducing operational costs by automating the delivery of personalised SMS messages containing links to bespoke landing pages, designed within Engage Hub’s landing page builder.

Take a look at how it’s being done really well.

With Engage Hub, MBNA successfully protects its customers with intelligent voice, SMS and email alerts:

  • Recent SMS surveys (sent using Engage Hub) revealed a 100% customer delight score as a direct result of the newly implemented fraud alert system.
  • MBNA was awarded ‘The Best Technology Initiative of The Year’ because of the solution at the prestigious Annual Card & Payments Awards 2015.
  • MBNA has directly created an incremental increase in retail volume by processing genuine transactions and immediately reactivating cards, thus reducing fraud and increasing.

Working with Engage Hub, KBC Bank has made mobile banking safer and easier than ever before:

  • The results from a highly personalised campaign were impressive; a 99% open rate, that generated a 30% conversions rate.
  • The Engage Hub platform not only gives KBC Bank the capability to reach out to its customers, but it is also used internally to communicate with the Staff.
  • KBC is now able to automate a whole host of mobile communications, ranging from when an account is opened, secure activation codes to avoid fraud, promotional coupons and all important App updates.

Research explained in this whitepaper, reveals that 45% of traditional UK bank customers are considering switching their current account to an alternative financial institution. Download this whitepaper to find out how to differentiate your digital offering and create a truly competitive advantage.


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